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K.A. Applegate Listings

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1 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 10 : The Android [Used Book]
Used 0590997300 / 9780590997300 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 10
Used Book reading and edge wear. Stickers intact inside

When Marco runs into his old friend Erek, he doesn't think too much of it. He's got a couple of more important things to do. Like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek's been hanging with the kids at The Sharing. And he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on.

So Marco, Jake, and Ax decide to morph and check old Erek out. Just to see if he's been infested with a Yeerk. The good news is that Erek's not a human-Controller. The bad news is that Erek's not even human. . . . 
Price: 2.49 AUD

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2 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 11 : The Stranger [Used Book]
Used 0590997262 / 9780590997263 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs Book 7
Used Book reading and edge wear.

Okay, Rachel and the other Animorphs have finally found the new entrance to the Yeerk pool. They've even figured out a way to sneak in. The infamous roach morph. But they didn't count ont he roaches being a Taxxon delicacy.
This time escape doesn't look so good ... 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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3 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 13 : The Change [Used Book]
Used 059049418X / 9780590494182 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs Book 13
Used Book reading and edge wear, cover curling at the base of the spine.

Tobias has pretty much gotten used to his life. He's a red-tailed hawk with the mind of kid. It was weird when he first got trapped in morph. But now it's almost okay. After all, how many kids actually get the chance to fly.
Now Tobias is about to make a very special choice. A choice that the other Animorphs and Ax know nothing about. And it could mean the difference between being a hawk ... and being human ... 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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4 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 15 : The Escape [Used Book]
Used 0590490494 / 9780590490498 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 15
Used Book reading and edge wear

The Yeerks are out there ...

Almost nothing could be as bad as finding out your mother is Visser One. The most powerful of all Vissers. The leader of the the Yeerk invasion of Earth.
But it happened to Marco. And even though he's been handling it pretty well, he knew there'd come a time when he'd have to face her again . Knowing that the Yeerk in her brain had taken his mother away . 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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5 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 19 : The Departure [Used Book]
Used 0590494511 / 9780590494519 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 19
Used Book light edge wear.

Cassie's had it. After the last mission she realizes she's getting tired of mission.Tired of battles. Tired of being an Animorph. She decides that she just can't do it anymore. So she quite.
But that's not the worst that's happened. It seems a human-Controller named Karen followed Cassie after the last run-in with the Yeerks. And she knows Cassie is an Andalite .... or human. Either way, if she exposes Cassie, it's all over. No more Cassie. No more animorphs. No more planet Earth ... 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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6 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 21 : The Threat [Used Book]
Used 0590762540 / 9780590762540 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 21
Used Book reading and edge wear, some cover creasing, pages are lightly age toned.

There is a new Animorph.
And he's arrived just in time, because the Yeeks are preparing their biggest takeover yet. The ultimate target: the world's most powerful leaders gathered in one place. What better way to get into the minds of humans?
Price: 3.99 AUD

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7 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 24 : The Suspision [Used Book]
Used 0590762575 / 9780590762571 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 24
Used Book light reading and edge wear

Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a few problems. A few very little problems. Actually, the problems call themselves Helmacrons.
They're less than an inch tall, and they are pretty upset with Cassie. Price: 3.99 AUD

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8 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 25 : The Extreme [Used Book]
Used 0590762583 / 9780590762588 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs Book 25
Used Book cover creasing, reading and edge wear, pages are aged tone with some foxing

Marco, the other Animorphs, and Ax have maanged to find out where the Yeerks are planning to build their next ground-based Kandrona.
That's a good thing.
The location is supposed to be somewhere around the North Pole.
That's a bad thing ... 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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9 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 26 : The Attack [Used Book]
Used 0590762591 / 9780590762595 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 26
Used Book reading and edge wear, pages are quite age toned

Change is necessary.
The Animorphs have met the Ellimist. He "helped" to save the kids when they were about to be eaten by a Taxxon. He "helped" to free two Hork-Bajir and restored Tobias's morphing ability.
But even though the Ellimist has enormous power, he is not all-powerful.
He has an enemy.
The Crayak. 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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10 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 27 : The Exposed [Used Book]
Used 0590762605 / 9780590762601 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs : Book 27
Used Book cover creasing, reading and edge wear, sticker on the inside cover.

The Animorphs and Ax have one true ally in their battle against the Yeerks: the Chee. So, when they discover that the Chee - including their friend, Erek - are in trouble, they have no choice but to help.
But the Chee's problem is much deeper than anything the kids could have imagined ... 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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11 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 29 : The Sickness [Used Book]
Used 0590762621 / 9780590762625 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs : Book 29
Used Book pages are lightly age toned, scuffing to the edges, reading wear.

Something is very wrong with Ax. He's sick. And the Animorphs don't know what to do about it. They can't take him to a hospital. They don't know how to contact the Andalite homeworld. And Ax is dying ... 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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12 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 30 : The Reunion [Used Book]
Used 059076263X / 9780590762632 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 30
Used Book pages are lightly age toned, light scuffing edges

Marco must make the ultimate sacrifice ...
Marco's mom is back. But she's not Visser One anymore. Marco's not sure if she's still a Controller. But he's determined to find out. No matter what might happen . 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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13 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 35 : The Proposal [Used Book]
Used 043907035X / 9780439070355 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 35
Used Book cover creasing, reading and edge wear, pages are lightly age toned.

The Yeerks are stepping up their invasion tactics. And Marco has problems of his own. His dad is starting to date. But Marco knows his mother might still be alive. 
Price: 4.99 AUD

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14 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 36 : The Mutation [Used Book]
Used 0439106753 / 9780439106757 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 35
Used Book light edge wear

Visser Three is still trying to find a way to reach the Pemalite ship. The ship that was hidden thousands of feet below the ocean's surface. A ship containing technology so advanced that it is superior to anything even the Andalites have built. And this time, the Visser plans to find the ship so he can use its power to complete Earth's invasion.
Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax acquire additional deep-sea morphs in order to stop the Visser's plan. But while trying to destroy the Yeerk ship, the kids make a startling discovery: an underwater civilization. Have the kids discovered Atlantis ... or is it just another trap? 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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15 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 40 : The Other [Used Book]
Used 0439115159 / 9780439115155 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 40
Used Booklight reading wear, pages are lightly age toned

Everyone thought Visser Three and Ax were the only Andalites on Earth... until now. The Animorphs have discovered two other warriors who have escaped from Ax's Dome ship, and they may be able to help fight the Yeerks! But are they really Andalites, or is this just a cunning trap? 
Price: 6.99 AUD

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16 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 9 : The Secret [Used Book]
Used 0590997297 / 9780590997294 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs - Book 9
Used Book reading and edge wear, pages are lightly age toned, small chip (bottom left hand corner) missing from the rear cover.

There's something pretty weird going on in the woods behind Cassie's house. The place where Ax and Tobias call home. It seems the Yeerks have figured out one very important thing: Andalites cannot survive without a feeding ground. Visser Three knows the "Andalite bandits" don't feed where he does, so there can only be one other place.
Now Cassie, Marco, Jake, Rachel, Tobias, and Ax have to figure out a way to stop a bogus logging camp. Because if Visser Three finds Ax in the woods, nothing will stop him from finding the Animorphs.... 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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17 K.A. Applegate Animorphs : The Andalite Chronicles [Used Book]
Used 0590109715 / 9780590109710 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs : Set before the Animorphs
Used Book spine creasing, edge wear, pages are lightly age toned.

His name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. An Andalite war-prince. The one who gave five young humans the ability to morph into any animal they touch.
They are still out there, fighting an evil so powerful there isn't a moment that goes by when they can actually feel safe. Their story continues. But this is how it all began.
The story that came before Animorphs. 
Price: 8.99 AUD

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18 K.A. Applegate Animorphs Alternamorphs 1 : The First Journey [Used Book]
Used 0439061644 / 9780439061643 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs Alternamorphs : Book 1
Used Book light edge wear, pages are lightly age toned.

You have been chosen. You are the sixth Animorph. Are you ready?

You're with us when we head through the abandoned construction site. You help us decide whether we really want to accept the power to morph. You're there when Visser Three destroys Elfangor.
But not all of your decisions are the right ones. You'll probably make mistakes. Just be careful not to expose yourself - or the rest of us - to the Yeerks.
Because our secret can never be discovered. And now, you are one of us. Can we trust you?

Are you ready to be an Animorph? 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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19 K.A. Applegate Animorphs Megamorphs 2 : In The Time of the Dinosaurs [Used Book]
Used 0590956159 / 9780590956154 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs Megamorphs : Book 2
Used Book spine creasing, edge wear.

We could blame everything that happened on Marco. He was the one who heard about the downed submarine. He was the one who thought we should check it out. And everyone knows that if Marco's up to a challenge, I'm definitely there.
Everything was going fine. Until the explosion. An explosion that blows us millions of years back in time. Back to the age of dinosaurs. Now Tobias, Cassie, Marco, Ax, Jake, and I are fighting for our lives with every step we take. But that's not our biggest problem. Our biggest problem is we have no idea how to get back to our own time. 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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20 K.A. Applegate Animorphs Megamorphs 3 : Elfangor's Secret [Used Book]
Used 0590036394 / 9780590036399 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs Megamorphs : Book 3
Used Book edge wear.

We found out who Visser Four is. And he has found the Time Matrix. The machine Elfangor had hidden in the abandoned construction site. The same place we met him on a night none of us will ever forget. Especially me. Now Visser Four has the Matrix, and he plans to use it to become Visser One.
But Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco, Ax, and I can't let that happen. We can't let him alter time so that the Yeerks will win this invasion. So we're prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. And, ultimately, one of us will lose this fight... 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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