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1 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 10 : The Android [Used Book]
Used 0590997300 / 9780590997300 Paperback Scholastic 
Used Book reading and edge wear. Stickers intact inside

When Marco runs into his old friend Erek, he doesn't think too much of it. He's got a couple of more important things to do. Like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek's been hanging with the kids at The Sharing. And he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on.

So Marco, Jake, and Ax decide to morph and check old Erek out. Just to see if he's been infested with a Yeerk. The good news is that Erek's not a human-Controller. The bad news is that Erek's not even human. . . . 
Price: 2.49 AUD

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2 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 19 : The Departure [Used Book]
Used 0590494511 / 9780590494519 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs
Used Book light edge wear.

Cassie's had it. After the last mission she realizes she's getting tired of mission.Tired of battles. Tired of being an Animorph. She decides that she just can't do it anymore. So she quite.
But that's not the worst that's happened. It seems a human-Controller named Karen followed Cassie after the last run-in with the Yeerks. And she knows Cassie is an Andalite .... or human. Either way, if she exposes Cassie, it's all over. No more Cassie. No more animorphs. No more planet Earth ... 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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3 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 36 : The Mutation [Used Book]
Used 0439106753 / 9780439106757 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs
Used Book light edge wear

Visser Three is still trying to find a way to reach the Pemalite ship. The ship that was hidden thousands of feet below the ocean's surface. A ship containing technology so advanced that it is superior to anything even the Andalites have built. And this time, the Visser plans to find the ship so he can use its power to complete Earth's invasion.
Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax acquire additional deep-sea morphs in order to stop the Visser's plan. But while trying to destroy the Yeerk ship, the kids make a startling discovery: an underwater civilization. Have the kids discovered Atlantis ... or is it just another trap? 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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4 K.A. Applegate Animorphs 39 : The Hidden [Used Book]
Used 0439106788 / 9780439106788 Paperback Scholastic Animorphs
Used Book light edge wear

The Yeerks have discovered and repaired a damaged Helmacron ship. They know of its morph-seeking capabilities, and they plan to use the ship to capture the "Andalite bandits." And to find Elfangor's blue cube. The one that gave the kids the ability to morph.

Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax are in a pretty bad situation because they can't leave the cube in one place, they can't morph without being discovered, and they have to keep moving. It looks like this may be a battle the visser can't lose.... 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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5 David Metzenthen Aussie Nibbles : Roller-Coaster [Used Book]
Used 0143301764 / 9780143301769 Paperback Puffin Aussie Nibbles
Used Book reading wear

Matt wants to go on every ride at the Fun Park, but the roller-coaster scares him.
Will it fly off the rails?
Will he be sick?
Will he be brave enough to ride it? 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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6 Sherryl Clark Aussie Nibbles : The Littlest Pirate [Used Book]
Used 0141313382 / 9780141313382 Paperback Puffin Aussie Nibbles
Used Book light cover creasing, and edge wear. Cover is faded in patches

Nicholas Nosh is the littlest pirate in the world. His family wont let him go to sea and he's bored.
'I'll show them," he says. 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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7 Jude Watson Star Wars Jedi Quest 5 : The School of Fear [Used Book]
Used 0439339219 / 9780439339216 Paperback Scholastic / Lucas Books Star Wars, Jedi Quest
Used Book reading and edge wear, small scuff to the base of the cover.

Obi-Won Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
Master and Apprentice.
Chosen by Fate.
Destined for Conflict.
A senator's son has vanished. A secret squad of renegade students exists in the shadows of his elite leadership school. Do they have something to do with the disappearance? Or is it linked to the Senator's unseen political foes, who are pushing the planet toward war?
The only way to solve the mystery and maintain peace is for two Jedi apprentices - Anakin Skywalker and his rival, Ferus Olin - to infiltrate one of the fiercest places in the galazy: school. 
Price: 3.99 AUD

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8 Francine Pascal Sweet Valley High 30 : Jealous Lies [Used Book]
Used 0553258168 / 9780553258165 Paperback Bantam Books Sweet Valley High
Used Book reading and edge wear, pages are age toned

It's pledge season for Pi Beta Alpha, and everyone in the exclusive Sweet Valley High sorority expects Sandra Bacon to nominate her best friend, Jean West. But Sandra's tired of always hearing about Jean's perfect figure, terrific grades, and fantastic cheerleading. The sorority is the only thing Sandra has that Jean doesn't, and even though Jean is her best friend, Sandra wants to keep Pi Beta Alpha for herself.

When Sandra unwillingly becomes Jean's pledge sponsor, she's determined to do everything she can to insure Jean doesn't make it through the pledge period. But how far can Sandra go and still remain friends with Jean?

Writer: Kate William 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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9 Emily Rodda Teen Power Inc 22 : St Elmo's Fire [Used Book]
Used 1863888373 / 9781863888370 Paperback Scholastic Teen Power Inc
Used Book light reading wear, pages are lightly age toned, name on the first page.

Elmo isn't so sure that it's a good idea to go work for his great aunt in the country. He's never met her, and Mistfall her big old house, is far from the nearest town.
But the rest of the gang like the idea of an easy job in the fresh air. And Aunt Vivian is offering them good money. She's very, very keen for them to visit.
Five minutes at Mistfall are enough to make them all realise they've made a big mistake.
But by then - it's too late ...

Teen Power Inc Series has recently been republished as Raven Hill Mysteries 
Price: 5.99 AUD

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10 Emily Rodda Teen Power Inc 3 : The Disappearing TV Star [Used Book]
Used 1863883185 / 9781863883184 Paperback Scholastic Teen Power Inc
Used Book light cover creasing, pages are lightly age toned

Richelle is delighted when the Teen Power gang is hired to be extras in a TV ad for a new candy bar called The Lot. This could be her big break - her chance to get into modeling, or the movies.
Just for once, she thinks, Teen Power Inc has found a job that's interesting, glamorous, and won't mean trouble or danger.

Teen Power Inc Series has recently been republished as Raven Hill Mysteries 
Price: 2.99 AUD

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